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Terms & Conditions


A minimum of £50 or 20% of your order, which ever may be greater, is required

as a deposit to secure your date - this will be deducted from your final bill.

Your order is not secure until deposit is received, Hollow Meadows Flowers have

the right to, cancel your order should you fail to secure your date in the

agreed time frame. Should you decide to cancel your booking for any

reason this deposit is non refundable.

Order Amendments:

A reduction of your order at a cost greater than £50 will be considered only 

before the final payment due date - four weeks before the order is required.

Agreements to amend orders will be at Hollow Meadows Flowers

discretion and you may still be asked to pay the full amount

for the agreed order at the time of booking.


You have the right to cancel your booking at anytime but you will incur

the following costs should you choose to do so:

12 months prior to the required date:

Deposit is non refundable, no further payment required

6 months prior to to the required date:

50% of your original order is required as payment

3 months prior to the required date:

75% of your original order is required as payment

4 weeks prior to the required date:

full payment of the original order is required

Should you need to reschedule an order's requirement date for any reason

Hollow Meadows Flowers will work with you for a solution, however please note that changes are subject to price increases if applicable and admin fees may occur for additional consultations, calls and amendments to the initial order.


Hollow Meadows Flowers offer the best of our homegrown flowers ready at the time required, on occasions orders may need to be supplemented by flowers

sourced from other British growers in order to fulfil your order

due to influencing factors beyond our control, eg, weather.


Hollow Meadows Flowers, guarantee 5 days of freshness of all flowers if

adequate cut flower care is followed, the flowers should, if cared for correctly

remain fresh for a longer period, but again there is are numerous factors

which can influence this, outside of the realm of the grower.


Equipment / Vessel Hire:

A minimum refundable deposit of £50 will be required for

the use of our hire items, this will be refunded on return of items in good order.

Final Payment:

Final payment for wedding/event flowers is due 4 weeks prior to

the date the order is required, this is also the deadline for any additions to your order. 


Late Payments:

Late payments may result in Hollow Meadows Flowers decision to cancel your order.


Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions:

Verbal/written confirmation of an order and receipt of a deposit payment is

deemed to be an acceptance of terms and conditions listed above.

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